My name is Nikos Vafeidis, I’m twenty five years old (25) and I play the drums for over a decade – almost 16 years. I’m from Ierissos, a town in northern Greece (Chalkidiki) and the last seven years I live in Thessaloniki. Starting the drums was very challenging. For my first drum kit  i used paint buckets , and after 5 months of practicing , my parents got me a real drumkit.


This season I’ve been playing for many artists in Greece such as ‘Mpigalis’, ‘Dakis’, ‘Robert Williams, Polychroniadis, B.Argyraki and many many more. I also had fun with very interesting projects like the Queen tribute that I made with the band George Fokas & the Folks. I took part in a few musicals too. Ive recently released my latest album ‘Contractions’, which is my fourth creation.



Nikos Vafeides
Nikos Vafeides


After all this work , I need my space , my time with the drums. My favorite thing to do , is improvisation! Just sitting and playing with odd signatures , polyrhythms , but also feeling good with the instrument!


I play and teach the drums, also compose music.
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Nikos Vafeides with National Theatre of Northern Greece

Nikos was born and raised in Ierissos, Halkidiki. He started playing drums at the age of nine, while also participating in the Aristotle Municipal Philharmonic as a percussionist, and was involved with the piano from the age of seventeen. In 2011 he graduated from the Aristotle High School of Ierissos and was admitted to the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the Film Department of the School of Fine Arts. In 2014 she was accepted on a part-time scholarship to ACM College (Guildford), having taken first place in the Accelerated degree (Drum course) after audition. He teaches percussion, has many hours of studio recording and live show experience.

Participated in bands: Spectrum (pop / rock), Canvas Dreams (rock), Splash (pop), Velvet Dreams (Symphonic Metal), Trio Mathafuckah (Jazz / Funk), Walking Stone Giants (Heavy Rock), End Of Innocence (Progressive Metal), George Fokas & The Folks funk / rock
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He has collaborated with artists: Babi Prodromides (wind / jazz), Michaela Papachrysanthou, Thomas Kourtsidis, Maria Fotiadou, Giorgos Pantazis, George Anagnostakos (Greek rock).

In 2013 she participated as a drummer at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) Orchestra, while in 2014 she collaborated with KATBE in the music-theater performances of Godspell and Alexander The Great. Rock Opera.

Experience: He has many hours of performances as a musician in Greece, but also in other countries such as Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy, Ireland.

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