I was born in Athens of Greece in 1981, and grew up in a small village in Karystos, so drumming was a one-way ticket for me.  I was very lucky to found an older relative who was playing music in his mother living room every time he came to the village at the age of 13.  I start with the bass, but when I sit on the drum throne, love was with the first sight! I can’t remember myself straggling playing the drums, and the flow was like magic. My first live gig was 3 months after the first time I touch a pair of drumsticks. After a lot of years, I came to Athens and started playing with many bands and familiar musicians. Now for the last 10 years. I have been playing with The Silent Wedding, and we have done two European tours and three albums, as well as domestically we have played together with Saxon, Fates Warning, and Iced Earth. I play with cover bands and other metal, and not only, bands. My motto is to play with passion and find the unique style that expresses you!


The Silent Wedding is a heavy metal band, formed in 2008 by releasing their first self-titled EP, with the reviewers describing The Silent Wedding as a "Heavy Metal band with Prog & Power influences". Their first full-length album “Livin Experiments” was released in 2013, mastered by Michael “Miro” Rodenberg (Kamelot, Edguy, Rhapsody, etc.) at Gate Studios (De).
For the album's artwork, the band worked with Travis Smith (Nevermore, Iced Earth, Opeth, etc). Meanwhile, the band keeps promoting its work through live shows around Greece & Europe in metal festivals, sharing the stage with bands like Saxon, Fates Warning, Firewind, Tygers of Pan Tang, Maiden United, Caravan, Lizzy Borden, and many more.The Silent Wedding supported Maiden United in two mini-tours in the Netherlands & Belgium, joined Voodoo Six in their European mini-tour in 2014, and supported Threshold in their “European Journey” Tour for 19 shows around Europe.
In March 2017 the band released “Enigma Eternal”, an album that received remarkable feedback, from fans and press, featuring guest vocals by Tom S. Englund, vocalist of the mighty Evergrey.The artwork was once again a creation of Travis Smith inspired by the album’s ominous concept.
"The vibe of Kamelot and the artistic approach of Evergrey combined with a reminiscence of Savatage! Impressive album!" (Metal Hammer - 9/10)
Many successful shows followed, with the band sharing the stage with Iced Earth, Epica, Annihilator, touring over Europe once more with the UK progsters Threshold. The band entered the studio in 2020 and started working on new material and completed the recordings of their new album entitled Ego Path in 2021.

Silent Wedding Band Athens

Renos Lialioutis

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