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Representative of the Dante Agostini drum school in Athens Greece
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Nikos Papavranoussis studied drums at the Dante Agostini School in Paris (1988-1992). He received the School's First Prize with congratulations and a teacher's diploma. He represents the Agostini School in Athens.

His involvement with drums began in '79 - '80.

Nikos Papavranoussis was born in Athens. From the age of 16 he began to play drums and play in various small groups in the mid 80's. He started drum lessons in Athens in '86 with Arion Kaloneos. ΄ 88 went to Paris to study at the Dante Agostini School of Drums, the first school of drums in Europe (Paris 1964). He graduated from school in 1992 with the first prize of the School "Congratulations and Congratulations" (1er Prix à l'unanimité et Félicitations) and received the diploma of Professor of the School (C.E.S.M.A.).

Papavranousis Nikos

Drummer. Representative of the Dante Agostini Drum School (Paris, France) in Athens.

Nikos Papavranousis represent the Dante Agostini School in Athens.
The school system is taught. at the end of each year the exam material for each level is set by the school in France.
Founded in 1964, it is the oldest school of drums in Europe.
Phone number: 6937677023

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