Alexandros is a researcher of percussion and of the peoples rhythms of the world,

with reference to traditional Pontian music. Since 1992, he has been exploring, playing, teaching and recording a wide range of percussion instruments.

He has composed music for numerous theatrical performances and films, and counts many international partnerships in Bulgaria, Serbia, Italy, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, Turkey, Sweden, Germany, Cyprus, and Egypt. A Latin music aficionado, he is a key member of the Locos de Atar orchestra, as well as a skilled Argentina tango dance teacher.

In 2006, he established the Music Workshop & Tango Room in Thessaloniki, a space where he can express all his artistic qualities at the fullest

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Papadopoulos Alekos

Alexandros has been teaching music since 1992 conducting workshops and seminars. Additionally, since 2006 the Music Workshop has been established in Thessaloniki. Today he is the head of the Music Workshop & Tango Room School in Thessaloniki.

Percussion Section: Drums, Traditional-Latin-Afro etc. Strings: Bass Electric, Bass, Classical-Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Lyra, Violin and more. Wind Section: Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Cavalier and more Keyboard Section: Piano, Harmonium, Acorndeon Department of Phonics: In Jazz-Pop-Rock-Artistic-Traditional Repertoire etc.

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The musicworkshop and tango room were created in 2006 and are housed at 29B Ptolemy Street on the 5th floor, in the center of Thessaloniki... Read more...
The study, research and dissemination of contemporary and traditional music as well as Argentinean tango as a dance and music stream.

Strengthening creativity and team spirit through music and dance lessons, hands-on practice and interaction.

The explosion of the concept of the artist, the person who knows tradition but is constantly evolving, changing, innovating. It revises established concepts and creates new ones that make the potty look beautiful. That changes the visuals, uniting people and the arts.

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