Lefteris Panagias is drummer for Alhimistes Band. An alternative folk band from Greece. They were formed in February 2001 by a group of friends with the central idea of mixing the electric sound with the unique greek folk music and the greek instrument bouzouki. Over the last 14 years the band is holding a great number of live performances gaining popularity and attracting a lot of positive attention through their songs and their energy on stage. They have performed at many festivals throughout Greece and Cyprus and at numerous concerts in most music venues in Greece. They have collaborated with many greek artists in studio and on stage such as Vasilis Karras, Dionisis Tsaknis, Stamatis Mesimeris, Kaiti Garbi, Eleni Foureira, Ivi Adamou, Antonis Gounaris, Kostas Spiropoulos, Markos Seferlis and many great session musicians.

Panagias Lefteris




Kaftra (Καύτρα) 2008 , Legend Music , Ola Girizoun (Όλα γυρίζουν)  2010 , Legend Music


Current members

Vasilis Pagonis - Vocals , Guitars
Vaios Christodoulou - Keys , Programming
Vasilis Dimoudis - Bouzouki , Back Vocals
Lefteris Panagias - Drums

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