Drummer with Rock, RnB, Funk orientation but with skills of covering all music genres as well.Modern Music School Drum Lessons with

Stefanos Dimitriou for 4 years. Stefanos Dimitriou is a famous Greek independent drummer. 1 year lessons with Spyros Dorizas, another famous greek drummer (Spyros passed in 2013 R.I.P). In MMS, I won the 1st place in drum competition in Greece (year of 2000). In other music schools like Fakanas Art School I took drum workshops and seminars with worldwide drummers, bands and musicians like Jojo Mayer, Dom Famularo, Steve Smith, Dave Weckl, Dennis Chambers, Kostas Anastasiadis. Tony Michalakopoulos is one of the most talented groovy independent professional drummers in Greece.

Tony Michalakopoulos

Argiro Igkilizian Vocals

George Kasapidis Bass Guitar & Vocals

Tony Michalakopoulos Drums

George Bizas Keyboards

Akis Dafalias Guitas.

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Tapeworm Electric

Tapeworm Electric is a high energy, female fronted Rock outfit from Athens,Gr. They formed in 2018 by music producer/bass guitar player George Kasapidis, guitar player Nick Psarrakis and drummer Tony Michalakopoulos soon to be joined by singer Argiro Igkilizian and keyboard player George Bizas... Read more...
Tapeworm Electric even though they are not part of the retro rock revival movement, they are pumping their influences from the 70's hard rock and progressive sound combined with soul,funk and world music elements.
During their first year of existence the band focused on practicing their craft, playing a few gigs and writing songs.
In 2019 they participated in the Greek Metal Hammer's band contest getting the second position and they gigged extensively achieving a continuously growing fan base. Eventually during the summer of 2019 they released,digitally, their debut EP under the title Fire, a full blown hard rock recording. Within 4 tracks the band is showing off its influences and tensions. The EP can be found in every digital shop and on-line streaming service.
The band is currently experimenting with new music ideas in order to compose their first full length album.

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