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Rafael Kyriakides

Rafael is endorsed by Bulkmusic Greece and for his professional performance use Gretch Catalina drums set R stick drumsticks custom model hickory wood, Cympad foams for reduce cymbals sound , Flix rods drumsticks and SkyGel Damper Pads

Drums Studio ArtOfTempo provides Drums lessons for all Grades levels 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 In the field of contemporary music and especially drums, the ART OF TEMPO is followed by the ROCKSCHOOL curriculum.

Rafael Kyriakides Drums Instructor

Rafael Kyriakides comes from Cyprus, born at the beautiful city of Paphos. He is self-educated in paying Darbuka as he started at the age of 8. Few years later he begun drums lessons at the Musical Education Centre in Paphos where he took 3 years the Greek exams in which he passed with the grade 10 Distinction At same time he took piano and music theory lessons. Rafael participated in Cypriot competitions winning the 1st,2nd,3rd places. Moreover he attended drums classes in Limassol with the drummer Rodos Panayiotou and theoretical- practical seminars with Fotis Yiannopoulos at the Drum Mania Institute in Larnaca. .. Read more...
February 2016 continues his lessons at Pampafio Odeum with the teacher Mike Bodourov and passed the exam of Rock School UK the Grade 8 with Distinction on 26/6/2016. Rafael is the first Cypriot that own the certificate Awarding The Contemporary Art Of London" "RSL Level 3 Certificate Popular Music Performance. At 2018 completed a curriculum at the Municipal Odeum Of Neapolis Sikeon of Thessaloniki with the drummer professor Angelo Valavani awared with FLCM. Rafael was member at jazz,pop, rock bands as drum performer (Nastazio Gkoumas Jazz Band, Necrofysis Black Metal Band, Mid Life Crisis Classic Rock Band, Under the Number Metal Band).He played in the charity event People Help The People with Stelios Konstantas for clothing and food collection.Finally on 24 of November 2012 payed at the event Flamenco meets Ethnic jazz with Oscar GuzmanDuring summer 2018 he organized a beach party where He played Reggae music with Congas/bongos with Kypro Paraskeva guitar player, DJ Lagoon and Logonas. Rafael performing as session drummer with many singers from Cyprus and Greece. In the year 2011 recorded his first personal CD called New Born with the Under the number Rock Band. He's the owner and teacher at DRUMS STUDIO (ART OF TEMPO) in Cyprus and teaches also online through Skype. Diploma in Music Performance:DipRSL(Perf) at level 4 First Year Barchelor

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