Paris Koutsavelis was born in Ioannina,Greece In 1997.He is currently a student of ISM (Ioannina School of Music).

He started playing drums at the age of 14 under the instruction of Kostas Dimitriou.He has been a member of three bands such as Underneath her smile,Soundless echo,No date on saturday and has performed on a lot of shows and lives.

He currently is in the process of making a new band while writing Instrumental songs with a guitarist. He recently started making cover videos and playthroughs on youtube.He is mostly influenced by Metal,Djent but also Electronic music. He is also influenced by artists like Gavin Harrison,Matt Greiner,Chris Turner.Paris has also attended seminars by George Kolias,Michael Kapilidis

Paris Koutsavelis


Hey there! My name is Paris and im from greece. Im 20 years old and i love playing the drums Why become a Patreon? by becoming a patreon you help me grow and become better at what I do! I also really love giving back to the ones supporting me!


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