Kostamos Yiacoumis was born on August 9th 1984 in Nea Halkidona-Athens, Greece. At the age of 7, he started his musical education by taking piano lessons. While he did not finish his piano studies, the fire of music was now burning strong inside him, and at the age of 15 Kostamos decided to study drums. Kostamos began his professional career as a drummer in 2005 and collaborated with several notable Greek musicians and singers such as Kostas Chronopoulos, Vox, Giannis Markopoulos, Manos Xidous, No Balance, Teresa Panagiotopoulos, Nikos Georgousakis / M51, KARMA, and The Secret. He began teaching drums at Handrou Conservatory in 2007, as well as giving private lessons.

After a few years of exploring the right sound and equipment for his needs, Kostamos is proud to be endorsed by:

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Kostamos has played at the following venues:
USA-Austin, TX: The Saxon Pub, One2One, Stubb’s, Come and Take it, Dirty Dog, The Roost, The Parish, The Historic Scoot Inn, Red Eyed Fly, Spiderhouse Ballroom, Anderson Mill Pub, ESB-MACC, etc.
Greece: Stauros tou Notou, Architektoniki, Lazy Club, Oksygono, Eksedra, Ston aera, Onoma tou Rodou, Alavastron, AN club, Stigma Club, Ghost House, After Dark, Mad Club, Rodeo, Bo, Dekko, House of Art, Gagarin, Vertigo, Mylos, Athinon Arena, Theatro Vrahon, Theatro Petras etc.
-1st Place at the Eurovoice show in 2010
-Best Hard Rock Drummer, in Texas
-Best Alternative Rock Drummer, in Texas
(MXD MAG Music Awards 2019 in Spanish category).

Kostamos Yiacoumis Projects

In 2010, Kostamos helped to form the band The Secret, which was selected to participate in the “EUROVOICE” contest. After several weeks of audience voting, The Secret were named the winners and their song “In the Arms of an Angel” was featured in the televised finale.

Kostamos moved to Austin, Texas (USA) in February 2013 to continue his musical career. Currently, Kostamos is a member of Bull y Los Bufalos, Jocelyn Donegan, Deann Rene, Sefo, Rockwell Harrison and the Led Zeppelin tribute band Tex-Zep.
In addition Kostamos has played with many Austin artists and bands such as John Gaar, One World (R)evolution, Ulrich Ellison and Tribe, Erez, Scott Zuniga, as well as Top Choice (cover band) .
..
In 2019, Kostamos and the band Bull y Los Bufalos were awarded in several Spanish Rock categories at the MXD MAG (Maxima Distorzion Magazine) Rock and Metal Awards 2019.

Best Hard Rock Band in Texas
Best Hard Rock Drummer in Texas
Best Alternative Rock Drummer in Texas
Kostamos is now in the studio recording a new CD with Deann Rene, which is expected to be released in 2020.
Kostamos has appeared on the following recorded albums:
2005 - Kostas Chronopoulos - “San mia photografia” - (UNIVERSAL)
2007 - Kostas Chronopoulos - “Den eho idea” - (EMI)
2008 - No Balance - "When Everybody's Gone" - (Playfalse rec.)
2008 - Vox - “Oi Vox Tragoudoun Gianni Markopoulo” - (Puzzle rec.)
2008 - Waterpipes - "Waterpipes" - (IMPACT)
2009 - Kostas Chronopoulos - "Kalinyxta Barney" - (LEGEND)
2011 - Bound Affairs - "Bound Affairs" - (AEPI)
2017 - One World (R)evolution - “Love Is The Answer” - (Independent)
2018 - Novemberland - “Novemberland” - (Independent)
2019 - Bull y Los Bufalos - “Hasta Que La Muerte Nos Separe/Till Death Do Us Part” - (independent

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