Sotiris Konstantakis is a skilled drummer hailing from Patras, Greece. Starting at the young age of 7, he developed his percussion skills as a member of the Patras Philharmonic. At 14, he expanded his musical knowledge by studying Drums, Piano, and Popular Music Theory at the prestigious London College of Music under the guidance of Professor Konstantinos Vamvas.

Sotiris Konstantakis

With a passion for music, Sotiris has performed in numerous gigs, festivals, and concerts across his home city of Patras, as well as Athens, Thessaloniki, Meganissi, and other parts of Greece. He continues to hone his skills through his studies on the performer and master's levels at the London College of Music.

In addition, Sotiris has worked in various music bands, playing a wide range of music genres including rock, funk, pop, swing and even Greek music. During the summer, he worked as a drummer for a music band on the AIDA cruise ship, traveling the world and entertaining passengers with his musical talent. He has also been a seasonal drummer in several Greek islands, mostly in Zante.

Sotiris is currently based in Athens and is available for drum lessons. If you're interested in learning from this talented musician, you can reach out to him at his email.

Sotiris Konstantakis

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