Stamatis Kekes was born in Braila Romania from Greek parents. He started his drumming experience in mid 80's as self taught and later on started practicing under the guidance of Sakis Fotiadis in Alexandroupoli. After his army obligations he moved to Thessaloniki and practiced under the guidance of Christopher Baka on the drums and he also attended to music theory classes to finally get the degree of the harmony of classic music.

Attended to many clinics in Athens including Thomas Lang, George Trandalidis, Ho

racio del negro and many more.

He was raised as a metalhead so his main influences was the heavy metal scene th

ough he played many styles like Jazz, Latin, Fusion and his heart finally found

it's home in the prog rock and prog metal.

He played as a session musican in various projects and as a band the most popula

r band he played was the famous prog band from Thessaloniki, Horizon's end but a

lso was member in early 80's of a local band in Alexandroupoli named Power Age,

a Band in Athens named Ethereal Status, and formed a band named Dream Disorder.

Passed as well as a session musician from the END band in Evros state.

Now he is independent youtube artist doing mostly drum covers and plan to expand

more into remote recording, online drum lessons, song transcribes.

He is proudly endorsed by R-Stick and he has a signature series stick check it out.

Stamatis Kekes

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