Nikolas Kallithrakas was born in Athens, Greece and he is 21 years old. He is a professional drummer/percussionist and producer who is based in Manchester, UK. Nikolas is the stage drummer for the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and the UoS Jazz/Swing Big Band.

From young age, he dedicated himself to continuously improving his music skills and by the age of 18, he had graduated  from the National Conservatory of Athens, had completed his Rockschool Grade 8 exams, with Distinction, and had been awarded 4 Drumming scholarships (National Conservatory of Athens, University of Salford). Despite his young age, Nikolas has a rich experience of live performances and genres and has collaborated with several well-known artists as a session drummer, such as Dimitra Galani, George Xyndas, Ioannis Kourtis, Vangelis Kakoulakis, Georgina Jackson, Kiara Marzella. Since 2011, he has taken to the stage at a wide range of gigs and festivals including Schoolwave, Athens school festival, the Nakas Band Festival etc. He was also the founding member of “Black Stars”(Rock/Pop Band) and Drummer for “Bazzinga”(Heavy Rock Band), which released their debut EP “This is now” in 2016. If you are interested in seeing him in action, please check out his profiles, featuring some of his live performances:



The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo will deliver world-class, public military events, rooted in Scottish tradition. They will exceed the expectations of our audience and partners. In so doing, they will contribute to our charitable purposes and the prestige, prosperity and people of our nation, our friends and allies.


The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo
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