KrotalArta is a percussion group ensemble created by music professor Mr. Georgiou Georgios from the Central Art Conservatory of Arta. The group perform Latin Funk rhythmic idioms, with Greek traditional rhythms and instruments, in original and own tracks. It participates in festivals all over Greece and their presence always makes a great impression.


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Giorgos Georgiou Biography

Giorgos Georgiou was born in Arta where he still lives. He started playing the drums at the age of 16 all by himself.
When he became 18 and while he was studying in Athens to become an electrician, he started lessons of traditional percussion guided by Mr Roilos and Mr Darilas When he finished his studies and his military obligations, he returned to his hometown and started theory lessons and modern percussion. He graduated from “Filippos Nakas” music school tutored by Mr Dimitriou. Since then he has attended many seminars in his field as well as private lessons given by Mr Nikos Kapilides, Mr Nikos Touliatos, Mr Gunter Sommer, Mr Paul Vertico, Mr Kostas Anastasiadis and Mr Giannis Stavropoulos.
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He has cooperated with a lot of artists till now in almost all kinds of styles like traditional, oriental, folk , rock, metal, jazz and classic. He is also the instigator and creator of the unique percussion group called “KrotalArta” composed by his pupils aged from 9 to 27 years old. The music performed by the team is created by him and is a mix of different musical idioms introduced by drums and other kinds of percussion such as tabor, tambourine, folk drum, bongos and djembe. Since 2002 he teaches percussion , traditional and modern, in his hometown. For the past two years he has been an instructor at the “Central Music School of Arta” . In the meanwhile he gives lectures and seminars about percussion in public schools in Arta and takes part in several cultural events working simultaneously with actors, dancers and choirs.

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