Before 38 years ago starting with the endless journey of music I don t believed that will had faith, duration and the capabilities to play drums until today.

Self-instructed , with endless hours training , and the patience of my friends we formate our first band, the RECEIVER'S arrived in sufficient levels ,so that we can take our first show ,in 1978. Thereafter all was more easily ,of course with much work and skills ,watching every concert and everything closely from my favor drummers ,detect hints of drumming ,and the sound. My favor drummers was Panos Tolios from Nemo band , Thomas from the Lizard band , Sotiris Anadolis , Giotis Pangalas and many others which I thank them all for the kindness to tell me for the technical and the secrets of drums.

For the production of R - stick drumsticks we use only the highest quality, finest  materials, the choice of which we are solely responsible for.

Participating projects
1978-1981 RECEIVER'S
1981- 1982 DON'T
1982-1995 Eidikes Dynamis . I was one of an established member s of perhaps one of the most successful neighborhood bands , with several concerts and two LP discs in our assets.
2000-2003 Chomateroi
2003-2004 Yperiones
2005-2008 KING BE
2007- 2012 Deipnosophistes
2010-2012 RADIO DAZE
Natural involvement in reunion Eidikes Dynamis (SPECIAL FORCES) 2014

Original personal customer print logo on drumsticks

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