Nikos Bartsokas was always a passionate listener and music lover. He  started playing drums at the age of 12 and got involved in many rock and metal bands. He is a self taught musician whose sound is influenced from ambient to extreme metal drumming. Nikos is also a founding member of Hypnotic Nausea and has released two albums with the band Hypnosis (2015 ), The Death of All Religions (2019).

Hypnotic Nausea

A concept album about social hypnosis and isolation of the individual narrated through the stages of sleep and the sub consciousness…

Hypnotic Nausea is a post stoner band from Greece (Athens) with electronic and ambient elements in their sound. They formed on August 2013 and on May of 2015 they recorded live their first album (Hypnosis) in an effort to capture the analog feel of their sound. Their main concern is to create soundscapes with their music, which will function as a highlight in the general idea of conceptual art. They released their debut album Hypnosis this September.

Experimental Heavy Rock Band

Hypnotic Nausea is an experimental heavy rock band from Athens Greece. The band was formed in August 2013 and in May 2015 they recorded their first album “Hypnosis” live in the studio attempting to capture the analog feel of their sound.
The main focus was to create soundscapes, functioning as a highlight for their conceptual art ideas.
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The debut was met with great reviews from the press. It was followed by numerous club shows and festival slots all over Greece. “Hypnosis” was performed in its entirety accompanied by a rich light show and video projections, alongside established acts such as Crippled Black Phoenix, Yawning Man, Karma to Burn, House of Broken Promises, Sasquatch, Primordial, Nightstalker, Planet of Zeus, 1000mods, Need, Universe217, Poem, Mother of Millions, Tuber, Naxatras, ect.
Currently the band released their second album ‘’The Death of All Religions’’ through Ikaros Records. Partnership with the label resulted in a special vinyl edition which will be accompanied by a twenty-four-page comic strip. The strip and artwork for the record was created by their very own bass player George P. (Gmonkey Cartoon).toon).

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