Constantinos Aggelaras was born in Chios in April 1983. His love for music led him to a 4 years study in Homer odeum of Chios while in the meantime, he was working in folk and traditional orchestras, mainly in Chios but also in other Greek cities. In 2007 met his teacher, George Katsikas, and two years later starts studying in the professional class of Modern Music School and graduated in 2011. He is currently teaching in a branch of the National Greek odeum, located in Chios, while he is still working with folk and traditional orchestras. Since 2015 he is a member of the military band. He is a founding member of the progressive rock band "Black mamba" with whom has recorded the cd "Therapillusion" and he is also a founding member of the classic rock band " Six pistols

We 've got big experience and specialization on woodsharpen, which allows us to react precisely on your requests and which we are applying to our crafting procedure through the time. We were first with many things and we become inspiration for many others on this field. R stick uses only un-endangered wood in the manufacturing of its sticks Big scale of offered models and our models are for every style and use. It contains worldwide commonly used models, specific models for many play styles and special use. Customers can configure custom models and scales of drumsticks. Each model in our offer can be made in your desired dimensions. You can combine model from other models or we can design new model for you. In our configurator you can make your own drumstick with wide scale of options. Any other company on this field can΄t offer you this - That making us unique. R stick in Greece has been the sticks of choice by such renowned artists ,drummers like Yannis Stavropoulos , Panos Vassilopoulos , Dimitrios Kosmidis, Aggelos Valavanis for more see our artists roster. R stick make your drum set sounds better, feels better and inspires you to play your best

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