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About two years later me, some friends and fellow students started a band.

Having very small skill, jamming for hours and trying to get things to sound good-ish, these were the years we all fell in love with playing in a band,

performing in a small venue, having fun and making good friends for life. To be honest, in these early years everything you create takes a lot of time and effort, but that something really is a part of you, something you really love.
A few more years went by, school was over for all of us and I got the chance to join some new bands and see all the different people involved in music. Then came the era of deeper knowledge. For the next two two years I was mostly to be found in small dark rooms (the kind that makes a music studio right!) learning how to record, mix and master my drums.
I also spend many hours preparing for my drum exams.
I enjoyed every second of those two years and as a result I gained deeper knowledge and valuable experience and two degrees in drums and music production.
By the time my military service ended I realized that the time had come for music to be my profession, so I started teaching in both private lessons and at a few conservatories.
6 years have gone by since then, 8 bands came and passed, and in that time I have enjoyed teaching drums to people of ages 6 to 50, as well as myself. Recently I even started my own Youtube channel, publishing drum covers as well as original drum songs! To be fair, I am just now starting to realize that my life has always revolved around music. People, bands, venues and projects may change, but the music will always be there, for me and those who choose to hear it!

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