Born in 1982 in Piraeus,he took his first lessons at drums at the age of 17 (1999) with Stefanos Kremmydas at Keratsini,and played with the philarmonic orchestra of Keratsini.At 2003 formed the first "casual" band with a group of friends playing greek and foreign rock and some songs of their own which they recorded on demo tapes and hit the stage together for the first time.(sidiroy proswpeia)At military he played with army's philarmonic orchestra for 3 months .After completing his military services in 2004,the band he was playing started rehearsing again with different name (i am no hero) and different musical style,post rock.After some time (1 year or more) and many rearrangements Nikos left the band and formed "off the record"  an alternative rock cover band and they played some lives around Athens.He took a 5 year break from drums,to experiment with music production and write his own music (electronic and cinematic music),but meanwhile he recorded some demos and played cajon for his brother's acoustic band which they played in several places in Volos and Athens.At 2016 after the break,he started lessons with Menios Pasialis (which he still continues till today) and he formed a hip-hop band (19.82 Piraeus) which they count 3 digital releases with Nikos in programming-production.

Nikos Togkaridis