“I play the Dub and Bass Drums with a rock feel”
Theodore Makris was born in Athens in 1988 but raised in a small town named Agrinio,

4 hours distance from Athens where he started to get acquainted with music. From the age of 16 he began to play the drums.

He was self-taught till the age of 23 where he played in small venues and gigs around Agrinio. Then he began his first lessons on the instrument. He graduated from the Technological Institute of Piraeus as an Electronic Engineer in 2014. Now he lives in London and he is studying Drums in the best music school of Europe, The Institute on a BTEC Level 5 National Higher Diploma Course. At the age of 18 Theodore started to do gigs around Greece. First Gig was at the University Of Agrinio where he performed with a friendly group. Then he moved to Athens and formed a metal band. He gigged at Stage Club in Aigaleo City and in club named the Rose Club in Kallithea suburb in the city in Athens. After two years he left the band after to join a Greek Rock band named Nevermind. He changed his style of play and gigged with Nevermind for 4 years. They started gigs in small venues in Agrinio City. They played in En Plo bar 2 times, in Oz Rock stage 3 times which was a sold out Venue and in 3 local festivals. Then the big step emerged in Theodore’s career with his former band Nevermind. They went to X Factor 3 of Greece, which was held in Athens. They made 3 auditions.
The first was in front of promoters of Ant1 Channel, which had the production and executive management of X Factor Greece. The audition was a complete success. The second audition was in front of the Judges and the whole competition was video recorded. The second success came when the band performed on a nationwide basis and seen by millions of viewers, who watched the X Factor Auditions. The 3rd audition was in Boot-Camp with more than 20 bands all over Greece. They failed due to band problems. But X Factor Greece was the start in Theodore’s career into Greek Pop Rock. Nevermind won the competition in Amita Motion Its my Live, which is the biggest Pop event in the country. MAD Channel organised the production of the event with Amita Motion Company. They first performed in MAD Day Live Tv show followed with an interview there as well. Some months later they performed with Stavento a big Hip Hop RnB group in the National Stadium of Agrinio in front of 2000 people. Then it was Amita Motion Its my live concert in Heraklion, Crete. It was a big venue, which was held in the Venetian Port of the City. Theodore performed in front of 14.000 and alongside of some of the biggest Pop Artists of Greece like Tamta, Stavento, Vegas, Mark Angelo ft Shaya, Otherview and Nicos Michas.

Unveil The Sense
Unveil The Sense
This concert was a breakthrough opened his horizons so as to proceed for something. Following this concert Nevermind signed by Madbox Entertainment Records which is the second major Label of Universal Greece. His last show with Nevermind was with a well-known band called Red Carpets in Christmas of 2012. He made a complete change in his career in 2013 when he joined the Rock with Dubstep and Drum n Bass sounds band called No Entry, which he is the drummer till now. No Entry started gigs in underground clubs in Greece like Seven Sins and Bat City. Then they performed in Thessaloniki’s Eight-Ball club which is the biggest rock and metal club in the city. This show was sold out. After that they performed in Gagarin Club in Athens, which is one of the biggest Rock and Metal Stages in the city. In the meantime No Entry applied for the School wave Festival auditions. School wave is a venue in Athens, which is held in Floisvos near Piraeus. This festival is about bands from 15 to 25 ages. More than 200 bands applied for the festival and only 25 succeeded in the final concert. No Entry was one of the bands who succeeded and in 3rd of July Theodore performed in front of 3000 people and shared the stage with great bands and musicians of the country like Locomondo, Ioannis Aggelakas, Foivos Delivorias and Rose bleed.

Theodore’s last show in Athens, Greece was in An Club with some great bands in a sold out venue at 6th of September 2014. Then he moved in London to study in the best music school of Europe, The Institute.

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Unveil The Sense
Unveil The Sense begun back in 2012 in Athens, Greece from Emm, Angel and George and after a year Teo and Chris joined the band.
Teo, Emm and George moved to Brighton where it continues to write music and gig.