Sami Hashme was born in 1989 in Agrinio city / Greece. In 2007 he graduated from music highschool where he had his first musical experience by attempting lessons in guitar , piano and some traditional instruments such as oud , saz , and arabic tabla (won 1st prize in students national contest).

At the age of 15 he started playing the drums and had his first lessons with mr.Roditis while he was also participating in a percussion ensemble called TEMPO and was a member of the local philharmonic orchestra .The last seven years he has attented many seminars and private lessons given by M.Kapilidis , J.Stavropoulos ,G.Kolias , S.Duvas , K.Dimitriou and more .Over the years he has been a member of several bands trying to expand his musical horizons by experimenting through different kinds of music such as pop , rock , metal ,blues , jazz-funk and Balkan .

For the time being he is the drummer and cofounder of FOLK N ROLL (ethnic-balkan) and ON THE VIBE (Jazz-funk) while he is also participating in several projects in electronic , soul and R n B style. He has been cooperating with artists and bands such as Spiros Grammenos , V.I.C (as a percussionist) , Antigoni Katsiouri , Vagelis Kosinas , Panos Lagdas while lately he s been several times in the studio recording as a session drummer .The last three years he s being working as a drums instructor at ISM (Ioannina school of music) - Thesprotiko odeio( igoumenitsa) and giving private lessons.

He recently signed for endorsement with Mapex Drums and Rstick.

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