Achilleas Papagrigoriou was born in Ioannina, Greece in 1998. He has graduated from the Musical High School of Ioannina.

Currently he is a student of ISM (Ioannina School of Music) and is also studying Audio and Visual Arts at Ionian University. He started playing the drums at the age of 13 under the instruction of Kostas Dimitriou and Sami Hashme.

He has been a member of several bands, such as Lacrima Draconis, Demise of Our Neverland, Soundless Echo and is currently a part of Solid Buzz, George Gakis and The Troublemakers (session) and Neperia's line-up. Neperia is a symphonic metal band formed in Ioannina/Greece in 2009.
Neperia official
In 2017 the band has published its debut album entitled “Drawing New Worlds”. The band does live shows since 2010 and has played as opening act for many popular names of metal and rock scene such as Firewind, Wardrum, Innerwish, Sarissa, Paul Dianno, Emerald Sun, Sorrowful Angels, Joe Lynn Turner e.t.c. In addition

Achilleas has attended seminars by Fotis Benardo, Menios Pasialis and Michael Kapilidis. His greatest influences are artists like Dave Weckl, Eric Moore, Dirk Verbeuren and Tommy Aldridge.

Neperia official

Stella Tzovara ~ vocals
George Tzahristas ~ guitars, vocals
Theofilos Avramidis ~ guitars
Ilias Kantzelis ~ bass
Achilleas Papagrigoriou ~ drums