Nikos Vafeides


My name is Nikos Vafeidis, I’m twenty five years old (25) and I play the drums for over a decade - almost 16 years. I’m from Ierissos, a town in northern Greece (Chalkidiki) and the last seven years I live in Thessaloniki.

Starting the drums was very challenging. For my first drum kit  i used paint buckets , and after 5 months of ‘’practicing’’ , my parents got me a real drumkit.

This season I’ve been playing for many artists in Greece such as ‘Mpigalis’, ‘Dakis’, ‘Robert Williams’, Polychroniadis’, ‘B.Argyraki’ and many many more. I also had fun with very interesting projects like the Queen tribute that I made with the band ‘George Fokas & the ‘Folks’’. I took part in a few musicals too.
I’ve recently released my latest album ‘Contractions’, which is my fourth creation.

After all this work , I need my space , my time with the drums. My favorite thing to do , is improvisation! Just sitting and playing with odd signatures , polyrhythms , but also feeling good with the instrument!

Nikos Vafeides
Nikos Vafeides
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