Makis Halvatzoglou or the stage name MIKE It started in 1995 playing Drums as a self-taught amateur Rock bands.

In 2000 he started taking Drums lessons in local music schools of Halkida reach in 2004 Modern Music School of Athens.

There he attended private lessons with Spyros Doriza Yiannis Stavropoulos, Mano Matso, Michael Kapilidis on most styles of music such as ROCK, FUNK, LATIN, JAZZ, FUSION, etc. In 2009 he completed his studies by taking his degree in Modern Music School with honors. He participated in many seminars & Drum Camps with leading Drummers like STEVE GADD, DAVE WECKL, THOMAS LANG, STEVE SMITH, DOM FAMULARO, RAY LUZIER, WALFREDO REYES JR, JOJO MAYER, DAVID GARIBALDI, PETER ESKINE, JEFF BOWDERS, GERGO BORLAI, OMAR HAKIM, BENNY GREB,GEORGE KOLLIAS, and others. He gave courses as professor some time in local conservatories. After establishing (2009) Modern Music School Halkida was exclusive partner in the section of Drums until 2012 and now private lessons in drummer 'of all ages and levels as well as do many drum clinic in several locations. He has collaborated with artists such as:
Charis Kostopoulos, Alekos Zazopoulos, George Daskoulidi Spyros Spirako, Sabrina, Peter Imvrios, Alexander Nota, Eva Milli, George Giannia, Amaryllis, Peter Iakovidis,Chris Kyprianidis, Sasa Basta, Eva Milly, Prokopis Politis paco, Stathis Angelopoulos, Marialena Oikonomidou, Vangelis Konitopoulos,Maria nomikou, Helen Legaki,Maria Skoula, Matheos Giannoulis, Metzelopoulo Kostas, Giorgos Margaritis, Tasos Bouga, Haris Akritidis, Antipas, John Giokarinis, Antonis Mitzelos, Nomisma, Marco Seferli etc. He was a founding member of the band Alchemists while the last three years is the exclusive drummer of STAN in which they live throughout Greece and abroad.together make numerous television appearances in emissions but also in many major television events in Greece as Amita motion, Thessaloniki International Fair, festival Keramoti and other in which the audience watches live exceeds 70000.

Except live appearances made worthy and studio recording longer after it partnered with EMI and recorded songs for many famous singers as: Stan, Peggy Zina , Panos Kiamos, Amaryllis, Peter Iakovidis, Eleni Dimou, John Miliokas Katerina Lioliou,Dimitris Karadhmos,Dalida, rec and others.


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