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Christos Kogios is born in Athens  in1982. He is passionated in music and that's the reason why he wanted to learn drums


At the age of 15 he bought his first set and tried to discover the rythm in the magic world of music.Christos learnt to play on his own and he organised small musical groups which were inspirited from rock,punk and rock n roll.

In 2008 Christos and Duda Victor made Dirty fuse,a surf rock instrumental band with 5 albums and lots of lives in Greece and abroad. Some of the top moments of the group are the cooperation with Atlantics, Daikaiju and their tour in Brazil at January 2018.
Dirty Fuse

Dirty Fuse
Christos (drums), Eri (guitar), Manolis (sax), Johny (bass)

Christos supports R stick Drumsticks