Jon Avernus was born in 1998 Thessaloniki, Greece and started play the drums at the age of 11 due to his fathers advice. He got to the ODEUM SYMFONIA where his teacher was Chris Koutsouris the drummer of MPLE.

Jon in 2013 was the former of a band called DayDreamer with his great Friend and guitar player Constantine Michailidis but the band didnt manage to work out together. After bands brake up he decided to move on and play different styles of music by himself such gospel, jazz, funk and blues. A year later he run into his books ( Carmine Appice, Dave Zubraski, Tom Hapke, etc etc) again studying and playing all over again from the very start each one.

Soon an offer shown up on the table to Form with talented friends Kirk Arabatzoudis, George Pougias, Evaggelos Zikos and Chris Liponis the Heavy/Thrash Metal band Red Gears. The band after a year playing together separated because the Vocalist had to move to Germany.

Jon Avernus
In 2015 For Jon really quickly another offer came up. This time he has been offered to be the drummer for an old speed metal band of the Late 90s called Pandemonium. On current days hes now playing with F . a psychedelic/rock/punk band which formed in 2014 by Constantine Michailidis and Jim Kampouroglou. The bands hit is ASTIKI RAPSODIA thank to the awesome bass played by Kyriakos Papadopoulos. He also had the pleasure to attended seminars and sessions by well known drummers like Aaron Spears, George Kollias and Tony Royster Jr.

Jon Avernus drum influences are his teacher Chris Koutsouris, Nicko McBrain, George Spanky McCurdy, Brooks Wackerman, Tony Williams, Buddy Rich, Ben Gordon and many others.

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