Was Born in Athens Greece in 1979. A founding member of the band "Nemionis", "Amalthia" and "Everdie".
He began his musical career at the age of 8, studying Piano. At the age of 12 has broadened his musical horizons by learning bouzouki and later Guitar.

Since he was a kid was experiment with percussions stuff and at the age of 15 bought his first Drum set and start playing.

Due to a short time, drums became his main instrument and he start playing reaching a high level. Alongside this, he participated in various bands (Telos Panton, Band Temper Crystal Shadow), playing several musical instruments (Bass, Guitar, Bouzouki, Piano) and different kinds styles of music (Blues, Folk, Rock, Metal, Traditional). In 1999 he took harmony and voice lessons and start singing in several bands.

Also in 2005 he start experiment with traditional musical instruments like laouto and mandolin. With Nemionis band have reached the final promotion support group for opening "BON JOVI" and "RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS". In December of 2014 released with "Amalthia" their debut album Fos Tou Iliou . Everdie it s his hard-rock/metal band and now they working on their first album. Parallel on has collaborated in concerts with several artists like: Mpampis Stokas, C-Real, Locomondo, Ypogeia Revmata, Periklis Tsoukalas.

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