I started playing the drums at the end of 2004! At the end of 2006 i begun my 9month drum lessons with my teacher Stelios Sioulas.

October 2010: I joined the pop band called Starbeat.
January 2011: I participated in Starbeat's video clip for the song e a G a .

February 2011: I left Starbeat to join another pop band called Atma in which i play ever since. I have played in the single release of the band called: a t , which is my first official drum recording! August 2011: I joined the Power Metal band called Emerald Sun!
September 2011: I traveled to Germany with Emerald Sun to play in 3 live performances there!
March 2012: I traveled to Germany to record the drum tracks for the new album of Emerald Sun called Metal Dome in the Maranis Studios!
May 2012: I joined Dimorfia, which is a power metal band from Thessaloniki and we started the writing process for a full-length album. We've got 8 songs so far! July 2012: i recorded the drum tracks of the new album of a Greek Heavy Metal band called Witchcurse in the Sin City Studios in Thessaloniki!
February 2013: I recorded the drum tracks of the debut album of my Progressive rock band called Mother Turtle entitled Mother Turtle which we released in October of the same year! September 2013: I recorded the drum tracks of the first full length album of the Progressive rock band called Entropia Utopia! Of course these are not the only things i've done in this period of time but they are the only things i've got recorded or filmed evidence of.. I have also had live performances with Stan, my Fusion bands called Edmond's Trio and The Fused Quintet, with a Brutal Death metal band called Incest In Heaven, with Heavy Metal band called Full Throttle, with Blues rock band called Chick And Blues and others.

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