(January 26th 1991) is an Italian musician, especially a drummer, music programmer, light designer and civil engineer.

His passion for music was transmitted by his parents since he was a kid and started playing drums thanks to his father, who was a drummer.
Marco starts playing drums at the age of 6, he studied with various teachers and international musicians such as Claudio Mastracci (Saint Louis College of Music), Massimo Manzi, Paolo Valli and attended the Lizard Rock / Blues Academy.
His live music experience began in 2006, covering various music genres (Hard Rock, Electronic, Pop, Funk, Blues, etc.), recording albums and playing live with internationally renowned musicians such as Claudio "Gallo" Golinelli (Bass player of Vasco Rossi, Gianna Nannini, Adriano Celentano), Alberto Rocchetti (Keyboardist of Vasco Rossi), Andrea Braido, Mattia Valentini and with musicians of famous bands as Battle Ram and Innershine. In 2010, he started to teach drums and propaedeutic music in private schools and musical high schools.His major musical influences, in alphabetical order, are: Andriano Molinari, Chad Smith, Deen Castronovo, Lele Melotti, Matt Laug, Neil Peart, Paolo Valli, Steve Gadd, Steve Jordan, Vinnie Colaiuta.Marco collaborates with several professional brands as Drum Art Snares.

He is endorser of Diril Cymbals, LiveZoneR41 In Ear Monitors, Code Drum Heads and R stick drumsticks.

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