Chris Koutsouris was born in 1960 Thessaloniki , Greece and started play Drums at 1974 , practicing with a Carmine Appice book-method .Soon he joined the band MAYAS with mates from town George Stampolis ,Lazaros Stergiadis and Jo Jortzakis . After a short pass from 69 , a band created from Chris Vatseris he played with Apriori , another historic band from Salonica . He travelled all over Europe - London , Paris , Amsterdam as well Canada and US attending seminars and playing Music wih as many possible.
As a member of Alexandros Perros and The Lone Stars recorded 4 albums . Did an album with Terry Papadinas That can be heard in the documentary-film- T4TROUBLE and the Self Admiration Society a film by Dimitris Athiridis . He also recorded the Song -Ti kosmos einai aytos - .Started play with MPLE in 2002 and eversince Tours with them . He teaches drums in the music school SYMFONIA .Other bands he played were Fake , Kinky , Cover girls

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